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Well…this isn’t what I planned on writing lol .. I never read any of the reviews until just now. See, my energy picked Addison by the third paragraph of her Bio…I was just drawn there and chose that path of least resistance…I am so grateful I went downstream with my guide’s pull towards Addison.

So I thought about how I would word my review and my experience…and came up with what I thought would some witty way to describe my experience and how all my fantasies were realized blah blah…and there’s nothing wrong with that at all.

I decided to read some reviews before I did mine, and after quite a few reviews and comparing them to my experience and then looking at the dates of these reviews, my jaw dropped a bit as Addison stepped into her true power right then and stood…stood in that power-owned it–period!!

Who and What is Addison-She is pure energy masterfully projected from a mind of balance and power. Manifested as the perfect Woman visually. Delicately blended to just the right ratio at any given time to ultimately achieve her own desire-which is to be your path to you fulfilling your fantasy and your desire…should you be lucky enough to be allowed into receive her gift… and she just draws energy from that and grows more refined. Yes there’s boundaries…of course there is-lets get that straight first.

The most important part is your ability to be honest with yourself first about what you want and then effectively communicate those wants to Addison. If those wants fit inside the boundaries and you have the balls to truly allow yourself to receive it-(there’s a big difference between wanting it..asking for it…and allowing it unchallenged). If you can do these three things.. trust me, you will have your experience I promise!! You’re not going to have anyone else’s experience…it will be uniquely yours…and how fulfilled your are is only limited by your ability to fully allow it to be-and your ability to be respectful.

Were all my fantasies fulfilled??…I have physical and mental fantasies that often contradict themselves but are equally important to me. I went with the path of least resistance at any given moment and allowed them both to have their turns…and what I got was the perfect blend of physical and mental stimulation…I was left amazed and wanting to go around the next corner to see and feel more. That’s all I have to say about that…my experience is my experience and I cherish it, guard it and its for me.. not you. I urge you to be honest with yourself and Addison.. go have your own experience, if you do it right, you’ll never forget it…I know I wont…best 9 hrs of my personal life so far ever…period!!! She exposed doors I couldn’t see and exposed doors I could see for what they truly are or were…the opportunity for growth she left me exposed to is priceless. Bottom line…your experience can be as meaningful as you want it to be…

Addison, I truly see and appreciate your ability to listen…mirror and blend in a way that seamlessly manifests yourself in that moment as the perfect fitted missing piece when you are allowed to be fully received. You are timeless and I am grateful that I was able to share time and space with you…

— James