Addison and A Time To Remember

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Seeing Addison walk towards you, the first thing you notice is her smile. It is friendly and dazzling, a perfect introduction to the time you are about to experience. She welcomes you with her soft and soothing voice, immediately putting you at ease. You are made to feel calm and excited at the same time as you discuss the time you will spend together. The softness and gentleness continues as you get t know each other more intimately.

She demonstrates an intelligence about the world of pleasure and a genuine interest in satisfying your desires, in a way that both a gentleman and a lady find acceptable. You will be driven to make her feel as good as you feel, which makes the experience all the more intense.

My experience was of the GFE type, and you will feel as if you have known Addison for a very long time because of the connection she makes with you. This is because she tunes in to your vibe. Addison works magic in the way she joins with you to create a most enjoyable engagement. Nothing is forced, everything comes naturally, and the passion and pleasure level you achieve is possible because you treat her with the respect that she deserves and that she shows you in return. Time with Addison will rejuvenate you and take you to a place you will want to come back to again and again. I know that’s how I feel, and I know will too once you have the joy of spending time with her

— CJ