Addison and A Time To Remember

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A encounter with Addison starts with a warm smile, her soothing voice and a gasp at her breathtaking beauty. You are immediately grateful that you have chosen to spend time with her, and that she has allowed you into her world. The talk will start out with genuine interest in learning about you as a person, and will move on to how to get the maximum enjoyment of your time together. Once the arrangements are made and the alone time begins their is no pressure, no hurry, everything flows smoothly and as it should be between two people interested in each others’ company.

Addison will make you the most important person of the moment as her touch and her voice guide you to a pleasurable experience. You will feel so good about what is happening that you will feel compelled to return the favor to her with attention and care. You will be treated well and you will learn how to reciprocate the best time possible between two people sharing intimacy.

I speak these words from experience, and urge you to treat yourself to the joy that I have in spending time with Addison.

— cj