The Business Before
The Pleasure

Are your services legal?

Yes.  My services are entirely legal and licensed by the state of Nevada.

Is there a legal age restriction when visiting The World Famous Chicken Ranch?

Yes. Everyone who enters The World Famous Chicken Ranch must be at least 21 years of age. (Including courtesans). Please remember to bring your identification with you!

How can I schedule an appointment with you?

For a seamless booking process, provide:

  • Your name
  • Preferred meeting date
  • Desired time
  • Short description of desired experience
  • Once we agree on a date and time, I will ask for your deposit to secure your reservation.
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Why is pricing not provided over email?

Emailing explicit pricing by a courtesan can be interpreted as solicitation of sex, potentially violating laws against prostitution in the United States. There’s a risk that I could lose my business license or worse for providing explicit pricing via email. Explicit pricing can only be agreed to in person during your reservation.

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Where can I meet you?

I am available exclusively for in-person services at The World Famous Chicken Ranch in Pahrump, NV, about an hour west of Las Vegas.  I do not meet outside of this venue.

How is pricing determined?

My pricing is flexible and designed to accommodate a range of experiences and budgets that are reasonable. Whether you’re interested in a single experience or a combination of multiple experiences, the cost can be adjusted accordingly. The specific activities we engage in and the amount of time we spend together will also influence the final price.

I also value the way my guests interact with me and the respect they show for my time. A positive attitude, kindness, and generosity can positively impact our arrangement. Rest assured, while offering a range of experiences, my rates are designed to be accessible and will be discussed in detail in person. Please do not ask me to break the law by negotiating over email.

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I read on the internet that pricing at Nevada brothels generally averages around “xyz”. Is this accurate?

No. Based on my five years of experience, I can say that people who rely on these internet guides (including Reddit) often arrive with unrealistic expectations. Much of the information online is poorly informed, typically outdated by at least ten years, or just flat out made up! I recommend reading my “Invest” page thoroughly and following the advice provided there.

Why do you require a deposit?

A deposit is a sign of respect for my time and a commitment to the appointment, helping to prevent no-shows and ensuring only serious inquiries.

How long will my appointment be?

I appreciate your understanding that, for obvious reasons, I’m unable to negotiate exact time arrangements via email. However, rest assured, I’m committed to accommodating your preferences to the best of my ability when we meet in person. Whether you’re looking for a brief, relaxing encounter or a more immersive experience like a weekend stay or something in between; I aim to make our time together special.

The sky is really the limit as I’m known for my generosity with time, focusing on quality and connection. Ultimately, the length of our encounter is shaped by your desires and preferences, and I’m here to make our time together as fulfilling as possible within our agreed boundaries.

Is tipping expected?

Tipping isn’t obligatory, but it’s appreciated as a sign of gratitude for an exceptional experience.

What happens after I make my deposit?

Once you have completed your online deposit, I will send you an email to confirm the date and time of our reservation.  If you need to cancel or reschedule, please email me directly. Once you’ve placed your deposit, I am happy to discuss our rendezvous in more detail. Please feel free to email me so we can better get to know each other, but please be patient as it may take time for me to respond.

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All About

Are your photos recent?

Yes.  I update my photos every three to six months to ensure that they reflect my current appearance.  My photos are edited minimally for lighting and quality.

Photo of Addison Gray
Photo of Addison Gray

How often do you get health tests?

I undergo weekly sexual health tests in accordance with the mandatory legal requirements of independent contractors operating at legal Nevada brothels.

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Is protection mandatory in Nevada Legal brothels?

Yes. Using condoms and other protective products is mandatory for all sexual services within Legal Nevada Brothels. I have a large stock of condoms and various products in my boudoir, and you will not need to bring anything besides yourself, and your wallet with you!

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What To Expect
From Me

Photo of Addison Gray
Photo of Addison Gray

Do you engage in kissing?

Yes.  I include kissing as part of the GFE option.

Do you offer non-sexual services?

Yes.  I provide non-sexual companionship, cuddling, advice, coaching, massage,  and other services beyond sexual intimacy.

Do you allow oral?

Yes! I love oral. Both giving and receiving.

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What I Expect of You,
My Guest

Do you accept guests of all backgrounds?

Yes.  I welcome guests of all races, ages, (over 21) abilities, and genders, as long as they exhibit kindness, respect, generosity, and good hygiene.

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How early should I arrive to my reservation?

Please do not arrive any earlier than approximately 5-10 minutes  to your reservation and never arrive late.

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What attire and grooming requirements are expected of me?

Comfort is important. Feel free to dress as you prefer, but please pay careful attention to hygiene and grooming. It’s important to avoid fragrances since I am sensitive to overpowering scents. I offer all guests a shower and use of mouthwash before we start our time together. Rest assured, I have both men’s and women’s toiletries readily available for your convenience.

Is there anything else you recommend?

Yes, I recommend that all guests arrive well-rested and after having eaten a small healthy meal. I want you to feel your best so that we can have the best possible experience together! This may require some extra planning, but it’s definitely worth the effort!

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A Bit of

Is escorting legal in Las Vegas?

No.  Escorting, brothels, and prostitution are illegal in Las Vegas, as well as throughout the entire United States. The state of Nevada is the only state that allows for licensed Legal Brothels within a handful of counties. However legal brothels are still incredibly rare as only a few special properties within a few counties have been zoned to accommodate brothels such as The World Famous Chicken Ranch. Engaging in such activities anywhere else is considered illegal and risky.

Are courtesans employees of the brothel?

No, courtesans at legal Nevada brothels are independent contractors and run their businesses according to their chosen legal structures. We independently select our schedules, set our pricing, decide on the services we offer, and choose our guests. Additionally, we are responsible for our own business expenses, including taxes, licensure, and advertising.

Why does the brothel take a percentage of courtesans earnings?

Brothels operate as profit-based businesses that provide a safe and legal environment where courtesans may work. This amount is 50% and very much worth the safety and legality it provides for both its courtesans and patrons. The relationship between The World Famous Chicken Ranch and its Licensed Courtesans is truly interdependent.

Why choose a legal brothel over an independent escort?

Engaging with an illegal escort carries significant risks, including unknown ages of the escort, the potential for enabling trafficking, scams, police stings, and myriad legal consequences including jail, and sex offender registry. Nevada Legal Brothels are the ONLY way to stay 100% safe within the United States.

I’ve only visited brothels overseas such as in Thailand. Are legal brothels in Nevada similar?

No, legal brothels in Nevada differ significantly from those in places like Thailand, particularly in terms of regulation, safety, health standards, pricing, and the economic impact of the US dollar. Here are the key differences:

1. **Regulation and Health Standards:** Nevada brothels are strictly regulated with mandatory health checks and safety measures. This includes regular STD testing and mandatory condom use, practices that significantly reduce the risk of transmitting infections like HIV/AIDS. In contrast, the lack of such regulations in many Thai brothels has contributed to higher rates of STDs and HIV.

2. **Consent and Worker Rights:** Workers in Nevada have the right to refuse clients or specific acts, which emphasizes their rights and personal safety.

3. **Pricing and Economic Impact:** Due to strict regulations and the higher operational standards, pricing in Nevada brothels is generally higher. Additionally, the stronger valuation of the US dollar overseas can make services in Thailand appear cheaper, affecting pricing expectations.

4. **Public Health Concerns:** The prevalence of HIV/AIDS in Thailand is a significant public health issue, exacerbated by the lack of consistent health regulations in the sex industry. This contrasts with the proactive health management and safer sex practices enforced in Nevada brothels.

These factors make Nevada brothels not only safer and more ethical but also highlight the importance of regulation in protecting both workers and clients.

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Recent Reviews

Amazingly beautiful and sophisticated

5 star rating Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon

I had the great pleasure of meeting Addison Gray today. The lady is perfection. She is kind and sensitive and breathtaking in every way. If you have an opportunity to spend some time with Addison you will not regret it.

— Bill

Magical overnight

5 star rating Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon

This was my first visit to a brothel. I researched available brothels, courtesans, and their reviews. All the ladies are beautiful. But after reading Addison’s profile and blog, I was impressed by her intellect and personality.

I flew to Las Vegas for the sole purpose of meeting Addison.

Everything I wanted and then some

5 star rating Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon

Partying with Addison just flowed like a natural fit. Like we had already known and been with each other. She was inquisitive, receptive, and attentive. She gave me everything I wanted and then some…

A girl friend experience like no other

5 star rating Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon

I’ve never been made to feel so comfortable and relaxed … this lady has a way of making you feel so special… a beautiful lady that has a special place in my heart ❤️ I’m … making pains to visit her at the chicken ranch this summer…

— Tom

An Outstanding Combination Role-Play / Sensual Domination with Addison that I Will Long Remember

5 star rating Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon

I had an incredible combination role-play / sensual domination session with Addison that left me on a personal high for days so, if you are considering any type of party, I would strongly recommend you consider her.

A wonderful experience

5 star rating Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon

I’ve never felt more comfortable and relaxed around someone in my life…….. she just has away of making everything feel so natural……and very hot at the same time……. !!!!!! Looking forward to a trip to the chicken ranch to see Addison again…..

— Tom


5 star rating Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon

Ever since Addison posted her profile online I wanted to meet her. She was well worth the wait. When she came out to greet me, I just melted. What a beautiful woman! Addison’s demeanor was calming and relaxing and immediately put me at ease. Thank you, Addison! You were phenomenal. I had a fantastic time! I’ll see you again, soon.

— JR

Just the best!

5 star rating Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon

The time I met Addison I felt ease due to her genuine smile and kindness. She is an intelligent, super super clean, and easy to talk. It made you feel like a friend, just naturally. She is so rare on this planet so please respect her as much as you can. Be very clean before meeting her. The reward will be unforgettable…

Couple’s experience that exceeded our expectations

5 star rating Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon

For couples, with Addison you cannot hope for a more sensuous, alluring, and talented companion. Addison was I and my Girlfriend’s first experience with both a Courtesan and with a third person. Our experience was a dream come true in every sense. All the research in the world can never fully prepare you for your first time.

Beyond expectations

5 star rating Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon

Addison is one who genuinely seeks to know her guest in order to fulfill the desires and expectations with passion, humor and empathy. She applies her communication skills adeptly. She is such an easy person to talk to about almost anything. I’m shy…

Eyes that can read your soul

5 star rating Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon

There are no words that can properly describe Addison. From the moment you meet her, her blue eyes will ensnare you. You’ll be completely captivated by her incredible ability to make you at ease. She is extremely skilled at engaging you…

Love Doctor

5 star rating Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon

I picked the hottest girl there and her personality matched the body. She whipped me back into shape! Left me a happy camper!

— NM

Couples retreat

5 star rating Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon

We chose to make an appointment with Addison after reading that she only takes appointments vs just showing up, after reading her page we felt she might be best for us. Our visit was about my feeling more comfortable in my sexuality. As soon as we met, we felt she was soo genuine and felt an instant connection. She was soo sincere and such a beautiful person. she was very accommodating for our time together. We look forward to our next visit!

— T

Best intimate experience ever!

5 star rating Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon

Her smile and warmth alone guarantee an unforgettable experience. Addison possesses a remarkable talent for putting you at ease, even when you are full of nervousness. Her guidance and conversation have a way of boosting your confidence effortlessly.

Losing my virginity

5 star rating Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon

I had a fantastic time with Miss Addison; her co-worker was very welcoming. In our short time, she had given me the confidence I needed to boost myself and gave me insight into what I was capable of. Thank you for giving my first experience a bang. I look forward to meeting Miss Addison again in the future.

— Leo

Addison Gray

5 star rating Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon

Addison brings a new meaning to the girl friend experience…..she makes a man feel like a king ….Until now I had only been to other brothels, but those days are over ….the Chicken Ranch is the only place for me…… hope to visit again soon……thanks for the memories Addison…….. looking forward to my next visit. !!

— Tom

Just Wow….What an Amazing Experience with A.G.

5 star rating Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon

It really is quite hard to put into words how amazing Addison is at her craft. This woman is gorgeous, sensuous, kind, caring, compassionate, intelligent, and so, so much more…

Addison and A Time To Remember

5 star rating Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon

Seeing Addison walk towards you, the first thing you notice is her smile. It is friendly and dazzling, a perfect introduction to the time you are about to experience. She welcomes you with her soft and soothing voice, immediately putting you at ease…

Couple left feeling special and satisfied

5 star rating Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon

Addison is a doll! She’s the perfect companion for couples. She really leans into helping the lady feel comfortable and happy, she genuinely wants to satisfy the lady. Our time with her was amazing and she brought me to the brink of tears. While satisfying my needs she also gave my hubby an exciting night. We loved exploring with Addison. And we hope to visit again some day.



5 star rating Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon

Well…this isn’t what I planned on writing lol .. I never read any of the reviews until just now. See, my energy picked Addison by the third paragraph of her Bio…I was just drawn there and chose that path of least resistance…I am so grateful I went downstream with my guide’s pull towards Addison…

The absolute queen of sensual domination

5 star rating Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon

When looking online, I was drawn to Addison’s profile right away. I thought both her website and the CR website showcase her amazing beauty in such a perfect way…

What a beautiful woman

5 star rating Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon

Went to the Ranch to spend some time quality time while on vacation. No appointment, just stopped by and got a lineup. As the ladies walked out, I saw Addison and wow, she’s gorgeous. During our private time I got the up close experience in multiple ways and was even happier I chose her. Highly recommend spending time with this amazing woman.

— Mike

Thank you Addison

5 star rating Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon

had a great experience with Addison. I am a single woman and she is very good with women. She is beautiful, kind, understanding, and makes the entire experience sensual and enjoyable. If I’m in town I will visit her again!

— Cynthia

Kind loving soul creating phenomenal experiences

5 star rating Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon

Addison is truly a very unique person that is filled with beauty in so many ways. She makes the extra effort to deliver an experience that you will never forget. Beautiful face, blonde hair, and a terrific body. You won’t go wrong with her

— MR

Out of the world Experience!!!

5 star rating Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon

If I could, I would give my GFE experience with Addison a ten star!! It was one of a kind fun filled, exciting, yet meditative experience. Addison is a gorgeous, sensual woman who has a natural ability to put you…


5 star rating Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon

What can I say about Addison? Wow, wow, wow! In all honesty, I’m finding it quite difficult to write this review. She will leave you speechless. If you’ve looked through her photos, obviously she is stunning. You never really know…


5 star rating Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon

From start to finish she was welcoming and caring, every moment was as personal as the last. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience as a virgin from someone as beautiful and kind as Addison.

— Sky

Couples session

5 star rating Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon

Addison is a beautiful, sensual woman. My wife and I had fantasized about a threesome for a long time, and our time with her exceeded all expectations. A very sweet, cherished time.

— Ralph

Addison and A Time To Remember

5 star rating Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon

A encounter with Addison starts with a warm smile, her soothing voice and a gasp at her breathtaking beauty. You are immediately grateful that you have chosen to spend time with her, and that she has allowed you…

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